[thumbnail]If they can waltz in through this, I'll give them a cookie. [thumbnail]Nothin' like the mass production of supply depots [thumbnail]Hmm.. Getting a little cramped
[thumbnail]This defensive method is pure evil--I like it! [thumbnail]This isn't something you see every day... [thumbnail]This could make your day go sour real fast
[thumbnail]"if you ever see anything like that, you better hope it's on your sid[e]" [thumbnail]ATTAAAAACK!@ (my ultralisks had a bit of travelling to do) [thumbnail]but they certainly enjoyed helping when they got there
[thumbnail]It sure sucks to be blue and terran right now.. [thumbnail]Seeing this many ultralisks would ruin your day real fast, too [thumbnail]Of course, you might not see them since you'd be so busy dealing with the air offensive..
[thumbnail]Let's dance! [thumbnail]NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT! [thumbnail]"Okay, I won't lie to you--this will hurt a bit."
[thumbnail]"...well, okay, it'll hurt a lot" [thumbnail]"so I'll try to get it over with quickly!" [thumbnail]mmm... utter chaos...
[thumbnail]it must suck to be without any hope whatsoever of winning [thumbnail]that was fun! [thumbnail]What a nice, short game!